Friday, 30 January 2015

3 Masterpieces of Czech Illustrated Books

Hello :)
So as I promised today's post will be about my 3 new books. These three are all illustrated books, mostly for children. All of these books recieved an award for the most beautiful book of the year, so you can see a real masterpieces of the Czech illustration here. I took some photos of the books, how they look inside etc. I hope you enjoy it as I did! :)

Ticho hrocha (Hippo silence) by David Bohm

This one is probably my favourite of these three. These illustrations are soo gorgeous! I've read that this book was a collaboration with the autor's sister. She was working in Africa I think...and she wa teaching children there. And all of these stories in this book are stories narrated by the African children. It's really gorgeous and I love it a lot.

To je Londýn (This is London) by Miroslav Šašek

This is a small brief guide to London. Lovely watercolour illustrations of Trafalgar Square or Westminster Abbey. Really adore this one. Have a look :)

Hlava v hlavě (Head in head) by David Bohm and Ondřej Buddeus

This one is also very pretty. It's a bit shame for those who can't understand Czech language, because all of these illustrations are playing with word meaning of head. We have so many designations for the word head and this book is playing with all of them! And it's just amazing!

These little illustrations are my fav!

I hope you enjoy this post guys, because these are just amazing books. I think all book lovers will love this. And I'll see you on Sunday with another Weekly Highlights! Bye :)

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