Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Review

Hello everyone :) How are you?
I was looking for liquid brown eyeliner for a longer time, but I didn't purchase any until I found a new Oriflame catalog in my post. I purchase this eye marker, it was about Ł4 so it was a real bargain and I am very glad I purchased it. The packaging is very nice, personally I like it a lot. The colour of it is like a very
dark brown, but not almost black. Texture is very pretty, easy application, really good pigmentation. But the most perfect thing about this eye marker is that it last for sooo long! I wore it all day with primed lids, because I have oily lids and when I was washing off my makeup this evening I couldn't get it off! Which is great I think. Actually the whole The One campaign is really good quality I think. I've tried the The One foundation and I really like it. Also their nail polishes are really long lasting so I definitelly resommended products from The One. Especially this eye marker, I bet you you'll love it!

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