Thursday, 21 August 2014

Flower girl

Just a touch of sun. Just a smell of flowers. Just a breath of cold. She is running through a dew with her bare feet.

   This was my first photoshoot ever and I am so happy I finally did this! It was really fun and I loved it. I want to say thank you to my cousin Lucie for being my first model.
   I hope you like these final photos and I will be very glad if you tell me your opinion in the comments. See you soon :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Exploring Weekend Part 2

  Next day of our exploring weekend, brother arranged a horse riding. So we got into the car and set off. We drove through deserted forests. There were just trees and lakes around us. The weather was quite a good but when we finally found it and brother remounted a horse it started raining. But owner of those horses said that rain is no problem, because they are going to the forests so trees will serve them as umbrellas.
   They left and me, parents and Kessy headed to the nearest and only pub. It was a bit difficult to take photos and hold umbrella in one time but it was better than go without my camera.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Exploring Weekend Part 1

   My family and I visited the city of Třeboň this weekend. We wanted to see as much as possible, but this city is way too big just for three days. But it was nice there, we liked it and so did Kessy. We went to the castle and have joined the tour of the Schwarzenberg chambers. It was lovely, i loved it there. I wish I could live there.
   The best thing of the tour was when we were in the office and they've had fireplace there. And in front of the fireplace was a little chair from wood. The guide told us that this little chair is for sovereign's dog. So when they returned from a hunting and the dog was wet, it just sit on this chair in front of the fireplace and got dry.
   For the rest of today we visited the castle gardens and saw the city from the tower.

 Kessy was making new friends. :)

We found this cute cat sleeping in a basket for shoes.

These little swallows had the best place for a house I've ever seen, haha.

Brother was carying Kessy in a rucksack, because her little legs hurt.

She was so tired she fell asleep in a restaurant. (She looks like a lion here, don't you think?)