Friday, 22 May 2015

Danny the new puppy

Hello there!
My grandpa bought a new puppy yesterday night! His old dog Ťapka is very sick, she has a lung cancer and the vet said it is very bad. My grandpa was really broken to hear those words and he was very sad for the last couple of days. So we did some searching on the internet and found this little guy there. We showed grandpa and he said he wants to see him. He fell in love with him and took this little puppy home with us. He named him Danny.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

YouTube channel & redesigning my FB page?

Hello there :)
As you may noticed I've been gone for a few weeks...maybe months. A lot of things happened since last post on this blog. I was trying and learning new things and skills, doing some school stuff and thinking about my life, myself...The last thing I mentoined is the most important thing in my opinion. I was struggling with my future for a long time now. I didn't know what I want to do for living and always finding a profession with high salary, because I wanted ,,good life'' for myself and my family. But in a last couple of weeks I just told myself STOP! I realised if I will be doing my job just for the money that won't be working. Yes, I could take my family for their dream vacation, buy them lovely things, but I won't enjoy it with them, because I'd been under stress from my work or something. I realised that I don't need any money to make someone happy. I realised that any money can't buy happiness. I realised that if I will be doing something I love to do and I will doing it with all my heart and passion I can create amazing things. And these things can inspire someone else to do more of what makes them happy. 
So as I realised that, I took my camera and started to film. I always like to take pictures since I was little girl with those high ponytails on the sides of my head. My mom and dad called them dog's ears. My mom and dad used to have a camera and I remember dad was carrying it everywhere so he could film me, my mom and my brother. We have a lot of tapes from the times we were little. Then, when I got older we bought our first digital camera. It was Sony I think...ordinary, cheap digital camera. But you could film on it. I figured out how to use it and that's when my first little videos were born.
I really like watching world through the camera and then show it to my family. I was filming my pets and the world around them.
Since those times I purchased more expensive dslr Canon camera and some more gear, because I wanted my little films to be better. I learnt how to cut and edit them, which I really enjoy. Now I am finally ready to share some of my little films with others. Not just with my family. I want share my films with you. 
I think I finally found myself and I am finally doing something I am passionate about. And this is my advice to all of you: Just do what you love. Don't care what other people think about you, don't care if they're laughing at you. Screw them. Let them concentrate their thoughts on you while you are concentrating your own on something that you love and you can create something incredible and beautiful. 
So, it is my pleasure now to invite you to my YouTube channel and redesigned Fb page. I hope you will enjoy my content, hit those like buttons and subscribe for more. I appreciate everyone of you who are watching and I would love to welcome every new viewer. Thank you so much.

Have a nice day :)