Monday, 29 December 2014

Monthly Wishlist: January 2015 & New Facebook Page

On January whishlist I have these lovely products. I hope I can get them.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Romantic Smoked
Look at these colours! I don't know why, but I am really into purple, plumy, lilac and pink toned eyeshadows in these days. And this palette is my MUST HAVE! It's very cheap and you can get it from here for readers from the Czech Republic and here for readers from any other countries.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Weekly Highlights #1

I was thinking about weekly blog post a lot. I wanted something like a favourites of the week but I wanted a special name for that (cause you know...weekly favourites...that's kinda boring..). So I came up with the name Weekly Highlights which I think is pretty good, don't you think? So what is this all about? I'll be posting this weekly article every Sunday at 6pm and it will be a selection of things I like that week. I selected it to three categories Beauty, Fashion and Life. In Beauty I'll pick the most used product of the week, same with Fashion and in Life I'll pick my favourite moment, music, food or just some bits from my life. I was inspired by Lily Pebbles' Wear Life Eats, which I love to read every week and I hope you will enjoy this posts. Let's get started with the first Weekly Hightlights ever!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Currently Reading #1

Some of you may noticed that I am a passionate lover of books. I have hundreds of them (I don't lie, promise). I prefer to buy my own books, because then I don't need to look for a date when I have to give it back to a rental or my friend. And because I love looking on my library full of books and I love collecting them (same with my makeup, haha)
I'm currently reading three books. Two of them are fantasy, because I am a big fantasy book lover! And the third is something like a soul master/helper for artists.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Haul

Week ago I did a beauty haul. I was shopping for things I wanted to try and some of them I needed, because I've run out of them. I have tried some of them so this will be a haul and a bit review post.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

What I've got for Christmas?


I hope you're having a great time with your family and friends as I do. We opened our gifts yesterday evening and my parents and my brother made me such a huge surprise...I couldn't believe it! I wasn't expecting anything big but I was so happy when I opened the first gift! So this post will be about all these little things (Oh, now I'm singing One Direction song, haha) I've got.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Makeup

I was very excited for today's post, because it's my Christmas Day makeup! As some of you know I'm still studying so I don't make money by myself and all these products are purchased from money I've got from my parents, relatives or I made them by my own from some little commissions. So there's no surprise that all these product are actually drugstore products. I actually have only drugstore products except one MAC lipstick I've bought in Paris. So we've got three good things about this post. Cheap but quality, Christmassy and some of favourites products from my collection so I recommend most of these products.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Decorating Christmas Tree & My Christmas Playlist

Hello there :)

Me and my brother were decorating our Christmas tree today (ok, I was decorating Christmas tree while brother was very busy watching Disney films...thank you). So basically I was decorating alone, because our parents must worked. But I've had a little helper. Yes, Kessy was very excited about this... (she always loves when she can get involved haha). So she was foofing around, licking me all over my face and smelling the gifts (I bet she was finding out which gifts are for her, cheeky little dog)
But I really enjoyed decorating this year as I was doing it all by myself and everyone likes it. And Kessy is in love with this tree as she sleeping under it all the time (maybe she likes the red carpet with those tiny little trees on it)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Top 10 Christmas Films

Hello there!
Happy 21st December to all of you! It's 3 days till Christmas and I am so excited! I love everything about Christmas and I am so sad because we don't have a snow this year again!! I think I'm going to cry. As I said I love Christmas and the one thing I'm excited about the most is the films running on TV at this time of the year! I was looking forward to this from the half of November and actually I have a list of my favourite films and dates when it is on TV! And I'm like checking it everyday if I didn't miss anything (kinda sad that I'm watching TV all day but I really like it so leave me alone haha).
So I just picked my Top 10 favourite films which was really difficult for me as I have a lot of favourites. I don't own many DVDs because I have all these films downloaded in PC so that's why are just three of them in the header photo (sorry haha). LET'S GET STARTED WOOHOO!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 5 - Saying Goodbye

Hello there! :)
I'm so happy but sad at the same time that I'm going to post up the last but the most perfect day of my trip to Paris. This day was amazing! We were packing our suitcases and shopping for the last souvenirs and at the evening we were sailing a boat! It was so dark and cold but I didn't give it up and stayed outside right at the front of the boat taking photos of the stunning night scenery. Everything was shining and people were waving at us while we were enjoying the ride. It was just magical. The shining Eiffel Tower was unbelievable. When I saw it I was speechless! It started to rain when we were about halfway through our ride but it didn't prevented me to stop taking photos.
After the ride we were waiting outside the bus for the Eiffel Tower turns its lights on. WE were counting until the lights started shining.
So I picked a few photos from that ride, enjoy them and I hope you enojyed the whole series. Tomorrow's post will be my TOP 10 Christmas films, so if you want to know what my favourites are come back to my blog tomorrow at 6pm. I'll be very happy :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 4

Hello there :)
I'm back with day 4 of my trip to Paris. This day is one of my favourites of these 5 days. It was soooo beautiful outside and we were visiting Notre Dame! So gorgeous, stunning, amazing, beautiful and lovely building! I fell in love with it. And places around are just magical. The garden was full of flowers who were enjoying the sunny day and turning their little heads to the sun.
Next to the Notre Dame was a hospital where princess Diana died and we also saw the place where the accident happened on our way home the next day.
In front of the gardens was sitting a guy who was playing the guitar and singing, so I was enjoying this lovely day with good live music, taking photos and chilling. Then we went around some sights near the Notre Dame, looking around markets.
Me and my friends were looking for a Bubble tea shop the whole trip and we were sooo happy when we finally found one here!
When I was editing the photos for this post I've just realised how much I want to visit this city again, but by myself or with my friends. Enjoy the whole atmosphere, no hurry, have a good meal in a restaurant, wear pretty clothes, go shopping. This trip was about too much things to see but too little time. So I was tired the whole trip and was so busy with taking photos of everything to show my family that I forgot to enjoy the trip more than I actually did. So I am looking forward to be back to this city again, because I really love it!
So I hope you enjoy this post, you like the photos and because Christmas is already knocking to the door I've decided to post daily until the new year. Just for a try because I have a holiday from school now. So stay tuned for final day of this series! We were sailing on a boat at a dark and rainy evening and we saw shining Eiffel Tower from the boat which was the most perfect but sad evening at the same time. I'll be back tomorrow at 6pm!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 3

Hello :) I'm back with day 3 of my Paris trip series! :)
   Today we'll take a look at the Musée national d'art moderne and Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge was really lovely. We've been to Montmartre and we've seen Sacre Coeur which was lovely.
   When we headed to Centre Georges Pompidou we saw some amazing street artists and interesting fountain. I wasn't photographing inside the museum so I have photos from outdoors only. But I think the building is pretty interesting and awesome.
   This day was just about museums and galleries so I hope you'll enjoy these few shots and stay tuned for next parts because days 4 and 5 were my favourite! :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 2

   I'm back with the Paris trip series!
We woke up to beautiful sunny day. We expected it'll be cold so our suitcases looked like we were traveling somewhere for skiing. So we put our long and warm jeans on and left our jackets at the hotel and hopped to a waiting bus. Jesus it was so warm that day. I thought I'm going to die of warmth! I was embarrassed the whole day because people around us were wearing summer clothes and pretty dresses and were messing around there like a bunch of idiots who are scared of the sun haha!
   Today we were visiting the most modern part of Paris. The guide told us that French people don't like the imagine of living here but it's perfect for finding a job and shopping. So most of them drive to this part every day to work. When I first saw the skyscrapers I was speechless! That place was enormous and the skyscrapers were stunning! There was a huge shopping centre where we could buy something later.
   There were interesting art installations at a square so we had almost whole day for looking around that place. But I think most of us went shopping food, some souvenirs and clothes. Then we all just chilled out for a moment and enjoy the view and atmosphere.

Friday, 12 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 1

   I've been to Paris in October for 5 days. I've gone with my school by bus and we visited many sights. When we arrived to Paris, everybody broken because of the long night on the bus the first stop was the Eiffel Tower! How lovely haha.We all were tired but we were also so excited that we finally arrived so we've jumped out of the bus, bought tickets and started climbing the Eiffel Tower. I am a bit scared of heights so I made it to second floor and that was enough for me. The view was stunning! We saw Sienna from the second floor of Eiffel Tower and all the people under us down there were so small. I couldn't believe it. The most frightening was when you looked down on the floor you actually saw the people under your feets because the floor was made by glass or plastic!!! That wasn't really good for me so I went down and waited for others. I was enjoying the view on Eiffel Tower and got friendly with french pigeons haha.
   The next stop was Les Invalides which is The National Redisdence of the Invalids. It is the burial site for some of France's war heroes, notably Napoleon Bonaparte. 
   Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph of the Stars). One of the most famous monuments in Paris. It stands at the western end of Champs-Élysées.
   Then we headed to Louvre. That place was amazing! It was so big and beautiful! I was amazed by the glass pyramid! We saw so many significant works e.g. Mona Lisa, The Seated Scribe or The Nike of Samothrace. It was amazing. It was so enormous that we couldn't see most of the works. Then we headed to a park where we had meeting with teachers and our guide so we were sunbathing by the lagoon watching other people...simply gorgeous and lovely day.
   After that we made it to our hotel where we were staying for the whole 5 days. I was so tired that I literally just hopped to the shower, washed myself and fell to the bed and fell asleep immediately.
Have you ever been to Paris? How did you like it? I fell in love with this city immediately. I really did. This city is full of surprises, good looking, romantic and also has its two parts which I didn't know until we visited the ultra modern part of Paris the next day. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Rimmel London Moisture Lipsticks Review

If you live in the Czech republic you certainly know the drugstore called DM. I live in a small village and because of that this shop is the only bigger drugstore with cosmetics near the place where I'm living. So it's no surprise that I established a card here. I collect points for every purchase, which I can exchanged for jokers with really good deals. So I bought these two amazing lipsticks but paid just for one!
When I was thinking about what colour I want to pick I wasn't quite sure about the glittery shades. Because when it comes to lipsticks I'm always for matte shades. But I gave it a try and chose colours ,,Nude or not to nude?'' and ,,Amethyst shimmer''.


As soon as I got home I put this one on my lips and started jumping in happiness! I can say this colour is one of the best nude lipsticks I own! I don't know why I was so scared about the glitters in it, because it looks awesome! Structure of this lipstick is great. It feels like you're wearing a balm. It moisturizes my lips but if it is on my lips for a longer time it starts to getting a bit dry and it makes those little flakes on my lips which i don't like. But you just put a bit more on and it's ok. So that's the only minus of this lipstick.


Berry toned shade with glitters. Gorgeous colour, perfect for Christmas time! I was wearing it on a Christmas market where I went last weekend and also my mom really likes it. It is the same lipstick so everything about the structure was already said above. Oh yes, I forgot to say that they smell amazing and they have a good pigmentation! They really do!  So I highly recommend these. Go buy it you won't regret it.

And of course Kessy was helping me with photos haha. She likes when she can get involved. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

New start

Hello there,
as you may noticed I haven't post anything for a really long time and I am so angry on myself. It wasn't because I haven't time or other crap like that. I just lost my inspiration and maybe a motivation too. When I started this blog I was doing it because it was making me happy. But then I wanted to focus on one topic on this blog like beauty or photography because these things were the top 2 things I was passionate about at that time. But that just didn't worked. I am a person with sooo many interests and I think it'll be a lot better if I'll be writing about everything what comes to my mind. Maybe it will be a huge mess but I'm going to give it a try.
Another thing about how I was doing my posts is that I wanted them to be perfect. So I was checking every word I wrote, I was checking it from stylistick page, if I have the right information or I was just writing things which I saw on other reviews but in my own words. But since I've turned 18 I've realized that I need to be myself and I started to find my own personality. I've learned a lot about myself and I am not regretting anything because everything is happening for a reason, right? So from now on I'm going to be really honest to myself but also to you. I want to keep this little space on internet completely me. So I'm going to post things about my life, what I love, what I'm doing, my reviews, tips and all my passions. And I believe this is the better way.
I also started this blog because I wanted to feel some connection with world. Find some new friends with the same interests. So I will be very happy if you get involved. Just a one nice word in comment make me smile all day.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A few shots from my birthday

Hello my friends :)
So I turned eighteen this August. I still can't believe it. Just two more years and I will not be a teen kid anymore. Anyway...I've had a little family celebration so these are mostly photos of my little cousin, cakes and flowers. I want to go out and try take some shots of autumn landscape, because it's my favourite season of the year. I love those colours, fallen leaves, warmer clothes...just pure beauty.

And yes...Kessy was in a modeling mood again, haha.

I'm trying new things with my camera and this photo was kind of accident but somehow I like it. Maybe I'll try to do stuff like this again.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Just another day

Hello :)
   Me, my brother and David went for a short walk with horses today. It was cloudy but we were in a good mood so we took horses on the meadow. They were excited, especially the foals were very happy. When we were on our way home, it started raining and unexpectedly it felt good.'s September here and school starts again. How do you feel about it?

We all got wet.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Flower girl

Just a touch of sun. Just a smell of flowers. Just a breath of cold. She is running through a dew with her bare feet.

   This was my first photoshoot ever and I am so happy I finally did this! It was really fun and I loved it. I want to say thank you to my cousin Lucie for being my first model.
   I hope you like these final photos and I will be very glad if you tell me your opinion in the comments. See you soon :)