Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Haul

Week ago I did a beauty haul. I was shopping for things I wanted to try and some of them I needed, because I've run out of them. I have tried some of them so this will be a haul and a bit review post.

Green Line Clear Active Cleanser 3 in 1
Ehm...on the bottle it says it's a cleanser, but it also says it removes makeup. So it's kind of a makeup removing cleanser? I really don't know. I was using a water removing makeup before, so I wanted to give a try to gel version. I was curious about this but when I tried it for the first time it didn't remove the waterproof mascara. This was a bit disappointing to me but it is good enough for removing the makeup when you have a light makeup days, or you remove your eye makeup with a proper eye makeup remover and then go with this cleanser. But again, it doesn't clean perfectly so you need to go with another cleanser or a facial water. So this was another disappointing thing to me and I won't purchase this again, but I also won't throw it to a bin. I think it'll be good for a moments when I'll go home very late and will be very lazy to remove my makeup or other deep cleaning, so I'll just clean my face with this and I'm ready for bed.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Lotion
This is my first product from Clean & Clear and I think I am in love with this! It really does what it says on the bottle. When I first applied this on my face on the morning it was shock! It was like BANG! GOOD MORNING! It really makes you feel awake and fresh. It dries in a second, I swear and it makes your skin feel sooo soft when you touch it. I simply love this product, definitely will repurchase this and I highly recommend this!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush 
I've got this in a shade 220 Madeira and I like it a lot. It's like a rosie pink with flashes of brown. It looks really natural and it goes very well with red lips.

Love Nature Cleansing Gel with Extract from Tea Tree by Oriflame
I haven't try this yet but I've got another product by Oriflame with the tea tree oil and it is amazing for spots. So I'm looking forward to try this and then let you know what I think about it.

Nourishing Hand Cream for Dry Hands by Oriflame
Lovely smell, it is nourishing and a almond butter in it makes your  hand very soft. Really like this hand cream.

Lasting Finish 25 Hours Foundation by Rimmel London 
I've got it in a shade 100 Ivory. I tried this foundation and I quite like it. Good shade for me, texture is alson good...not very oily but alson not very thick. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, medium coverage. I need to fix it with a powder but that is maybe problem of my skin, because I have a bit oily skin.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hours Foundation
Mine is in shade 020 Cameo. I haven't try it, alson let you know what my feelings are about this foundation.

The One Long Wear Nail Polish by Oriflame
Love the colour! Deep purple with a golden shimmers, big brush which I like and I also like the packaging. Don't know how long it lasts, again, I'll let you know.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Crayon
I've got two in shades 002 Bulletproof Beige and 003 Bad Girl Bronze. I am in love with these colours, especially Bad Girls Bronze and the names are cool BUT! These two were the most disappointing to me. I applied them all over my lid (and I had primer on my lids!) and they joined together in one oily line in 3 or 4 hours! That was awful. And the other thing I literally hate about them is that when I'm whitteling them they are breaking all over and over! Real disappointment to me. But I'll give them a second chance and try to usem them only as a liner (If I can whittle them of course). Maybe they'll work well as the liners.

Miss Sporty Percet Color Lipstick 
This is a shade 053 On Fire! I bought this color because I wanted to try If orange lipstick suits me. So this one was the cheapest one and surprisingly is very well pigmented, the color is bright and the lipstick smells amazing! But it doesn't last very well so I need to purchase the orange lipstick with higher quality, because I quite like orange lips on me.

Astor Perfect Stay 24 Hours Concealer
I tried this concelaer once and I have a feeling that Maybelline's Affinitone Concealer as better coverage. But I'll give this one try again and let you know which one is better. I have got this in a shade 002 Sand.

And that's all from my Christmas Beauty Haul. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it helped you a little. Thank you for reading see you in tomorrow's post!

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