Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Rimmel London Moisture Lipsticks Review

If you live in the Czech republic you certainly know the drugstore called DM. I live in a small village and because of that this shop is the only bigger drugstore with cosmetics near the place where I'm living. So it's no surprise that I established a card here. I collect points for every purchase, which I can exchanged for jokers with really good deals. So I bought these two amazing lipsticks but paid just for one!
When I was thinking about what colour I want to pick I wasn't quite sure about the glittery shades. Because when it comes to lipsticks I'm always for matte shades. But I gave it a try and chose colours ,,Nude or not to nude?'' and ,,Amethyst shimmer''.


As soon as I got home I put this one on my lips and started jumping in happiness! I can say this colour is one of the best nude lipsticks I own! I don't know why I was so scared about the glitters in it, because it looks awesome! Structure of this lipstick is great. It feels like you're wearing a balm. It moisturizes my lips but if it is on my lips for a longer time it starts to getting a bit dry and it makes those little flakes on my lips which i don't like. But you just put a bit more on and it's ok. So that's the only minus of this lipstick.


Berry toned shade with glitters. Gorgeous colour, perfect for Christmas time! I was wearing it on a Christmas market where I went last weekend and also my mom really likes it. It is the same lipstick so everything about the structure was already said above. Oh yes, I forgot to say that they smell amazing and they have a good pigmentation! They really do!  So I highly recommend these. Go buy it you won't regret it.

And of course Kessy was helping me with photos haha. She likes when she can get involved. 

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