Sunday, 28 December 2014

Weekly Highlights #1

I was thinking about weekly blog post a lot. I wanted something like a favourites of the week but I wanted a special name for that (cause you know...weekly favourites...that's kinda boring..). So I came up with the name Weekly Highlights which I think is pretty good, don't you think? So what is this all about? I'll be posting this weekly article every Sunday at 6pm and it will be a selection of things I like that week. I selected it to three categories Beauty, Fashion and Life. In Beauty I'll pick the most used product of the week, same with Fashion and in Life I'll pick my favourite moment, music, food or just some bits from my life. I was inspired by Lily Pebbles' Wear Life Eats, which I love to read every week and I hope you will enjoy this posts. Let's get started with the first Weekly Hightlights ever!

/ Beauty /
As Winter came out and it started to be very cold in our town, my hands started to getting very dry. I have dry skin even if is not Winter so you can imagine how my hands look in these cold times. So I need to find a good nourishing hand cream among my heap of hand creams. And luckily I've found one. It's by Oriflame (oh, how unexpected, huh?) and it's called Nourishing Hand Cream for dry hands. It works really well, smells lovely and it includes an almond oil.

/ Fashion /
And again, in these cold times I fell in love with knitted tights/leggings...however you call it. It's warm and cosy, very comfortable and you can find it everywhere. There are also thousand of lovely patterns, personally I love the winter themed patterns with snowflakes, reindeers and stuff. I wear it at home mostly, but I think you can make a good wintery look for a lovely walk with your dog if you combined it with some nice boots and coat.

/ Life /
I woke up this morning to a gorgeous view. Our garden was covered in snow! It snowed for the first time this year! I was so excited about it so I put some clothes on myself and my little dog Kessy, grabbed my camera and went out. It was magical. Kessy was so happy about the snow, she was literally jumping into piles of snow, catching her ball and was full covered in the snow. I hope the snow stays for a longer time and won't unfreeze.

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