Monday, 22 December 2014

Decorating Christmas Tree & My Christmas Playlist

Hello there :)

Me and my brother were decorating our Christmas tree today (ok, I was decorating Christmas tree while brother was very busy watching Disney films...thank you). So basically I was decorating alone, because our parents must worked. But I've had a little helper. Yes, Kessy was very excited about this... (she always loves when she can get involved haha). So she was foofing around, licking me all over my face and smelling the gifts (I bet she was finding out which gifts are for her, cheeky little dog)
But I really enjoyed decorating this year as I was doing it all by myself and everyone likes it. And Kessy is in love with this tree as she sleeping under it all the time (maybe she likes the red carpet with those tiny little trees on it)

And here is my Christmas Playlist I was listening to while decorating. It's a list of my all time favourite festive songs (I really love to sing them aloud and dad don't like it...what news haha).

So I hope you like our Christmas tree in golden, brown, glittery, white colour and tomorrow's post will be the last one before Christmas Day. I won't be posting on Christmas Day, because I want to spend time with my family and friends. But you can look forward for tomorrow's post, it's going to be a Christmas look!

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