Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Makeup

I was very excited for today's post, because it's my Christmas Day makeup! As some of you know I'm still studying so I don't make money by myself and all these products are purchased from money I've got from my parents, relatives or I made them by my own from some little commissions. So there's no surprise that all these product are actually drugstore products. I actually have only drugstore products except one MAC lipstick I've bought in Paris. So we've got three good things about this post. Cheap but quality, Christmassy and some of favourites products from my collection so I recommend most of these products.

I start with foundation. I'm using the FIT me! Liquid Foundation by Maybelline in shade 125 Nude beige. This foundation is gel-based and if you have a bit oily skin like me you need to use primer or really good fixing powder which is what I do. I like this foundation a lot. It's not heavy on the skin, it feels really soft and you need only one or two pumps for the whole face. Easy to blend, medium coverage.

The powder I'm using is Stay Matte by Rimmel London in shade 004 Sandstorm. I fell in love with this powder for the first time when we met at the store. I am loving it! It does what it says - fix your makeup so it stays on the right place and gives you a matte effect which is great. Definitely recommend this one!

Blusher...I wanted to use Rimmel London's Lasting finish soft colour blush in shade 220 Madeira but at the end I've decided I'll go for the one by Oriflame. But both of them are really nice shades for matching bold red lips so it's not too heavy on cheeks and lips at the same time. So I'll be using the Oriflame's one and I was looking for the name of it but I didn't find it anywhere because I've got this one in a big palette. But basically it's a pretty nice rose pink perfect for winter pale face.

Under my eyes I'll be using my Perfect Stay 24 hours Concealer by Astor in shade 002 Sand.

Now for my eyebrows I'll be using my all time favourite Miss Sporty Eye Brow pencil in shade 001 black. This is a perfect colour for me I think, it's not black at all. It's like a medium brown (don't know why they named it black). I need to find a similar colour but in a retractable pencil because when I'm sharpening this one I always break it so I need to do it more times which I hate, especially when I'm in a hurry (and I'm also lazy to sharpen it).

I'll use eye primer by Avon and again I can't find the name but it's the only eye primer Avon do so...I've got it in shade Light Beige and again it's the only shade they do haha. Definitely recommend this eye primer, because when I apply it, it always keeps my eye shadows in a place. And for a long time!

Now eyeshadows! I'm using my new Color Tattoo 24 Hours by Maybelline in a shade 05 Eternal Gold. THIS...this! This is perfect colour for Christmas season, it's really festive! It's a bright, yellowy golden colour, full of shimmers and glitters. Beautiful! Amazing creamy texture, easy to apply, you can use your finger or a brush. Just amazing. If you are into cream shadows, you must have this one!
So I put this shade all over my lid and then go to edges with a fluffy brush and soften the edges. Just like you are doing a smokey-eye makeup.
Then I'll put a little bit of Avon's gold eyeshadow from their True colour palette in a shade Cocoa Dreams into my crease with a fluffy brush and decfine the shape of my eye. Blend it again and soften the edges.
Just to define my lashes a bit I'll do a thin black liner with a tiny little wing at the end. And I'm using the Precise Black Eye Marker by Dermacol.
And for the lashes I'll be using Pump Up Booster Mascara by Miss Sporty in a shade 002 Extra black.

And now the best part of this look. LIPS! For a base I'll be using Lipstick Pencil by Alverde in a shade 03 RED. I'm not a big fan of this lipstick pencil. The texture is really dry which I don't like. But for the base it's good enough. So I just line my lips and fill them with this pencil.
Then I'll put my Oriflame Pure Colour Floral Lipstick in a shade Cherry Red which is a deeper red colour. Perfectly matches with the pencil. Creamy texture and surprisingly perfect pigmentation! One thing I hate about this lipstick and that's the packaging. Everytime I'm putting this lipstick on, I'm afraid I'll break it, because the packaging isn't holding the lipstick firmly. But apart of this little detail I like this lipstick a lot!

And that's all. My makeup for tomorrow's evening! I hope you enjoyed this post as I did and maybe you'll try this look on yourself and send me a photo of you recreating this look. I will be very glad.
So I wish you all Merry Christmas and I'll be back on Thursday at 6pm with a new blog post!

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