Sunday, 14 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 2

   I'm back with the Paris trip series!
We woke up to beautiful sunny day. We expected it'll be cold so our suitcases looked like we were traveling somewhere for skiing. So we put our long and warm jeans on and left our jackets at the hotel and hopped to a waiting bus. Jesus it was so warm that day. I thought I'm going to die of warmth! I was embarrassed the whole day because people around us were wearing summer clothes and pretty dresses and were messing around there like a bunch of idiots who are scared of the sun haha!
   Today we were visiting the most modern part of Paris. The guide told us that French people don't like the imagine of living here but it's perfect for finding a job and shopping. So most of them drive to this part every day to work. When I first saw the skyscrapers I was speechless! That place was enormous and the skyscrapers were stunning! There was a huge shopping centre where we could buy something later.
   There were interesting art installations at a square so we had almost whole day for looking around that place. But I think most of us went shopping food, some souvenirs and clothes. Then we all just chilled out for a moment and enjoy the view and atmosphere.

This building is in shape of a seashell. ↑↑

The third day was all about Moulin Rouge and modern art museums which was really interesting. Stay tuned for part 3! The post will be up on Wednesday at 6:00 pm!

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