Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Top 10 Christmas Films

Hello there!
Happy 21st December to all of you! It's 3 days till Christmas and I am so excited! I love everything about Christmas and I am so sad because we don't have a snow this year again!! I think I'm going to cry. As I said I love Christmas and the one thing I'm excited about the most is the films running on TV at this time of the year! I was looking forward to this from the half of November and actually I have a list of my favourite films and dates when it is on TV! And I'm like checking it everyday if I didn't miss anything (kinda sad that I'm watching TV all day but I really like it so leave me alone haha).
So I just picked my Top 10 favourite films which was really difficult for me as I have a lot of favourites. I don't own many DVDs because I have all these films downloaded in PC so that's why are just three of them in the header photo (sorry haha). LET'S GET STARTED WOOHOO!

10. Desperately Seeking Santa
This film was on TV yesterday and I was watching it with my brother and my dad. wasn't very happy and he was saying things like ,,This is so rubbish I don't want to watch it!'' or ,,Jesus, when will it ends?'' all the time but he didn't rise from the sofa or didn't leave the living room once. So he endure it and then switched it on another channel where was running Pirates of the Caribbean haha (sorry dad, I love you). So basically this is a very christmassy romantic comedy full of half-naked men (maybe that's why dad don't like this film...oh, right...)

9. Deck the Halls
Christmas comedy that our whole family love. We're watching it together. Really funny, loads of christmas lights in there and funny scenes. And it is Danny DeVito in there, so...really like this film.

8. Four Christmases
Another Christmas comedy. Really funny, I like the plot. It's about a happy couple which parents are all divorced and some of them has a new partners. And this couple gets into the plane every year and heading somewhere far away from their relatives. But this year they must visit them all for Christmas. There are a lot of funny scenes I'm almost crying of laugh.

7. Christmas Vacation
This is one of my favourite Christmas comedies ever! I can't imagine Christmas without this film! I am crying of laugh the whole film! Literally! It's a classic. Dad wants to have a perfect Christmas with self-felled tree, whole family together and singing carols together. But he never dreamed about Christmas like this. He felled tree who is about 5 meters tall and destroys half of their house, relatives are coming with weird things wrapped in a gift paper, two teenage children are bored as hell and it's one disaster after another. I really recommend this film!

6. If You Believe
Awww, this film is from 1999 and it is lovely! It's about a woman called Susan who almost forgot what Christmas mean and she doesn't believe that she can find a good guy for herself. She also has a problems in work. And one day appears a little blonde girl at her apartment who told her this: ,,I am Suzie and I am you when you were a 7 years old''. Believe or not this little creature show Susan what life is about, Christmas is full of happiness and helps her find a new love. 
This is just a really sweet film and I like it a lot.

5. Elf
I looooove this film A LOT! You certainly know this film and what is about. It's funny. Aaand my dad hate this movie too (what a Grinch haha). It was on TV the day before yesterday and I wanted to watch sooo much but dad was watching another film and TV in my bedroom hadn't the channel where Elf was going. So I was praying dad to switched the channels but he was adamant and making fun of me that I want to watch rubbish film like this one. So yesterday was my revenge for that. And that's why he must watched the Desperately Seeking Santa with me (haha, revenge was sweet, dad)!

4. Christmas with the Kranks
And here we go! This film is a real fun! My whole family loves it and every time it's on TV we are watching it! I don't understand why so many people hate this film. It's so funny! I really love the scene when Luther (Tim Allen) went for a botox and he's sitting with his wife in a restaurant right after the intervention and he can't move his face as well as he expected and all the food is falling down from his mouth. This make me laugh everytime I see it. It's just another good christmas comedy I love.

3. Home Alone
And the Top 3 is opening with traditional and classic Home Alone! Christmas without these films isn't Christmas. Family, funny, lovely, smart. Absolutely love it.

2. Grinch
YES! Film with Jim Carrey? Amazing! Christmas film with Jim Carrey? PERFECT!!! I love Jim Carrey a lot and this film is just classic for Christmas. And little Taylor Momsen is in it with her amazing hairstyles, people with cute noses and the awesome dog who is playing Grinch's reindeer (haha, so lovely and funny)

1. Love Actually
And on the first place is...drums please...the one and only LOVE ACTUALLY! With the one and only handsome, amazing, beautiful, flawless, perfect, ageless and classic HUGH GRANT! I have an obsession with Hugh Grant (fact no. 1)! I love every film with him and maybe I've seen them all (not very sure). This is just...I am so in love with this film (and it's not just because Hugh Grant is in it...)! I swear if you didn't see this film before we cannot be friends...sorry (just kidding haha...maybe not).
I know every word in this film, I saw it several times, rewinding every scene with Hugh (ehm...heh...), fangirling everytime I hear his perfect accent...BUT I also love this film because I really like Collin Firth too and Billy Mack is so funny (I'm dying everytime I see the first scene at beggining when he is recording the christmas song haha)! AND PROFESSOR SNAPE IS IN IT (oh God I love Harry Potter so much)! And also all the storylines are cute, especially Sam's first love is very cute. And of course... the gorgeous Keira Knightley with her beautiful smile is there...Oh God, this film is just pure perfection. And soundtrack is also good. Definitely watch this film because then we'll be very good friends (wink) and I'm going to watch it right now and tomorrow it's on TV! So excited!

So that's it. I hope you enjoy this post, otherwise I think you certainly know these films, but just in case you don't or you want to get to the right you go. Tomorrow's post will be up at 6pm, I hope'll be back. :)


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