Sunday, 27 December 2015

My recent photographs

   As soon as winter holidays has begun I grabbed my camera and took some new pics. I'm grateful for every day without doing something to school so I can continue on my 365 project.
   I got a new 50mm lens for Christmas and I also bought a tablet so the post production is a lot easier for me now. I am very grateful for these two. Thank you grandma, you're the best! I went through my old photos and I can tell I see a difference. I think I'm getting better everyday and also my ideas come more often and quickly. I think I'm starting to think in photography which is one of my goals to achieve. That makes me really happy.
   I hope you'll enjoy my recent work. You can follow me on Flickr or Facebook for more photos!

I woke up in the middle of the dream
This one is probably my best photo of this year, maybe the best one from my 365! I really love this pic!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Graduation Party!!!

Me and my classmates had our Graduation party this Friday and it was the best party of this year! I had so much fun! We are so glad everything came out so well. We had a really fun program, I moderated the whole evening, we had costumes on a theme Film and I think everybody was having fun. Even the teachers were so great! They all danced like crazy, they laughed and they chilled with us. It was just great. It couldn't be better. I have loads of photos, some from my fujifilm, others are from our photo nook. So many memories.I was Leoš Mareš, a famous Czech moderator whose nickname is Lord of furs haha! Enjoy!