Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Graduation Party!!!

Me and my classmates had our Graduation party this Friday and it was the best party of this year! I had so much fun! We are so glad everything came out so well. We had a really fun program, I moderated the whole evening, we had costumes on a theme Film and I think everybody was having fun. Even the teachers were so great! They all danced like crazy, they laughed and they chilled with us. It was just great. It couldn't be better. I have loads of photos, some from my fujifilm, others are from our photo nook. So many memories.I was Leoš Mareš, a famous Czech moderator whose nickname is Lord of furs haha! Enjoy!

Yaaaaas! Look at the Barbie in the middle!

We love youuu, Mr. Žúrek! <3

The best teacher costume ever haha!

The CREW! I love them so much! <3

My lovely Snow White!

The whole crew all together!

Pretty woman, silent movie, Mary Poppins and Saxana!

I needed to swear I'll be still good and nice. I promise I will, Mr. teacher!

Black swan?! :O


Uuuuu is that Corpse bride and Minnie?

We crowned our class teacher King of the Great 4.V!

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