Saturday, 20 December 2014

5 days in Paris: Day 5 - Saying Goodbye

Hello there! :)
I'm so happy but sad at the same time that I'm going to post up the last but the most perfect day of my trip to Paris. This day was amazing! We were packing our suitcases and shopping for the last souvenirs and at the evening we were sailing a boat! It was so dark and cold but I didn't give it up and stayed outside right at the front of the boat taking photos of the stunning night scenery. Everything was shining and people were waving at us while we were enjoying the ride. It was just magical. The shining Eiffel Tower was unbelievable. When I saw it I was speechless! It started to rain when we were about halfway through our ride but it didn't prevented me to stop taking photos.
After the ride we were waiting outside the bus for the Eiffel Tower turns its lights on. WE were counting until the lights started shining.
So I picked a few photos from that ride, enjoy them and I hope you enojyed the whole series. Tomorrow's post will be my TOP 10 Christmas films, so if you want to know what my favourites are come back to my blog tomorrow at 6pm. I'll be very happy :)

I played a bit with colours on this one haha.

Raindrops on my lens...

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