Thursday, 25 December 2014

What I've got for Christmas?


I hope you're having a great time with your family and friends as I do. We opened our gifts yesterday evening and my parents and my brother made me such a huge surprise...I couldn't believe it! I wasn't expecting anything big but I was so happy when I opened the first gift! So this post will be about all these little things (Oh, now I'm singing One Direction song, haha) I've got.

So first thing I've got is this absolutely amazing and cute jumper with reindeers! I want it for such a loong time and I am really happy that I've finally got a christmas themed jumper which I can wear when Christmas time comes to town. It's very cosy and warm and I love the dark blue colour of it. I'm just in love with it!

The next thing I've found in a wrapping paper was this lovely cup from my brother. It has a cute owl on it and the owl has her own knitted coat! So when you want to wash it, you need to put her coat down first and also your tea or coffee stays warm for a longer time which is amazing!

Next was a fitness bottle which was another thing I really wanted. Because I haven't got a good fitness bottle when I go for a longer bike ride or I go to the gym. So mom got me this pink one and brother has a blue one, so we have a matching gym bottles. One amazing thing about this bottle is that it has this little thing inside the bottle, you pull it out, put the water in it and put it to the freezer and let it be there until it freezes. Then you put it in the bottle again, fill the bottle with a water and it makes the water really cold.

Then I've got this amazing golden watches! I looove them a lot! Just beautiful.

Guys...this is a holy Bible of arts! Trust me! This book is amazing! It's all styles of art in it, all paintings and the most famous artist are in it. I just love this book! There are a big pictures of the paintings, text about the artists and lots of things like this. I am really looking forward to read this book. And the little book is by Benjamin Mee and it's called We bought a Zoo. I love the film and I'm very happy I've got it as a book!

This cute cushion cover with Paris is a part of a set of sheets. I didn't take a photo of it, because it was too big haha. But I really like it and I can imagine it with a white furry cushions...yeah, that'll be nice.

The last gift but the most amazing was the surprise! I have no idea that my family have something special for me and I wasn't expecting anything. I was so happy when I opened the biggest present under the tree and I found a little baby rabbit in there! It's she and I named her Mia, but we call her Miona or Mionka. She is two months old so she's actually still a baby. She is sooo cute...look how furry she is! Gorgeous! Her hair's so soft, you can't believe it! And she's also a really friendly to us. But...Kessy doesn't like her, haha. When we're playing with Mia, Kessy is looking at us with a deadly stare and she wants to bite her everytime she sees her...I need to get care about this and make friends of them. I hope I can manage it.

So these are my presents I've got. I've got a lot of shower gels, shampoos and some perfumes. I got them every year, so I took photos of my favourites one. But of course I appreciate every gift I received.
I hope you enjoy this post, for more photos of our new family member Mia, follow me on Instagram. But be prepared that she will be a part of most upcoming posts. Tomorrow's post will be up at 6pm I hope, because we're going to visit our grandparents...Thank you for reading and enjoy the holidays, guys :)

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