Friday, 22 May 2015

Danny the new puppy

Hello there!
My grandpa bought a new puppy yesterday night! His old dog Ťapka is very sick, she has a lung cancer and the vet said it is very bad. My grandpa was really broken to hear those words and he was very sad for the last couple of days. So we did some searching on the internet and found this little guy there. We showed grandpa and he said he wants to see him. He fell in love with him and took this little puppy home with us. He named him Danny.

Danny is a smooth fox terrier and he's 7 weeks old. Ťapka didn't like him at first but they seem to be friends now. They're playing with each other and Ťapka is like his stepmother.
My grandma is very happy to have this tiny little devil at home, because he's ripping off of her best flowers in her garden haha. He likes resting between the flowers (what a romantic, haha).
You can definitely look forward for more photos with this puppy devil. Enjoy the first photos.

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Talk to you later. Byeee!

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