Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Highlights #4

This week's favourite is my new Lavera lipstick! I was showing you in a previous post. I am in love with this baby. Gorgeous colour, easy to apply, looks natural on the lips but it's still a bit darker than usual. I just love it!


You also saw this earlier on my blog. I've got this watches for Christmas and I am wearing them a lot. Not just this week. Like...all time since Christmas. It is gold so there is no reason why I shouldn't love them...anybody loves golden accessories as me? Anybody knows how I feel? No?

Guys...these...THESE...I am in love with my new books! I bought them this week and I am so happy I purchased them.  These books are illustration masterpieces. They won Czech award for the most beautiful book of the year. I am very excited to show you! I definitely need to do a review on all of them and took a pictures of the best illustrations that I really love. So you can looking forward to that on Friday.

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