Friday, 2 January 2015

Naked 3 Dupe & The Best Spot Killer

I was checking some online beauty shops on the Internet and found this brand. It is called Makeup Revolution London. I've never heard about it before so I did some research and saw a few youtube videos. A lot of people were praised these Iconic eyeshadow palettes to the Heaven as a perfect dupes for Urban Decay Naked palettes. So with the incredibly low price
 I bought one to give it a try. I picked just one for a try and mine is Iconic 3 (dupe for Naked 3) and I am definitely buying Iconic 1 and 2! This palette is amazing! Colours are almost the same as Naked 3 and they last pretty long with eyeshadow primer. I think for that insanely cheap price is worth to buy this if you don't have money for Naked 3 as me. And also the boxes for eyeshadows are bigger so you have more eyeshadow for lower price which is fantastic!

For those who are struggling with spots as me I have a perfect killer for them! It's Love Nature Corrective Stick with Tea Tree Extract by Oriflame. This is my second one and I adore this product! It has two sides. The green one is for night, so you applied this to your spots after you did your cleaning routine. The brown/skin toned side is for day and you applied it after your morning routine and through out the day to your spots. It's really amazing, when I notice spot at the evening I immediately apply the green side to the spot, wake up at the morning and the spot is almost gone! Trust me it really works! I definitely recommended this!

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