Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weekly Highlights #3

I love red lipstick in the winter season. I bought new one for my brother's dance ball this week. I already did a post about it and did a little review in it, so I just put that link in here.
It's Long Lasting Finish Lisptick by Rimmel London and I've got it in a shade 01. It's really nice bright red and the lasting is incredible. I was scared at the ball that I might wipe it out when I'm drinking or eating but actually I couldn't wash it off of my lips at the end of the night. So I am really happy I've purchased this one.

As I have mentoined above, my brother had his dance ball at school, so I needed to buy a new shoes for this ocassion. I was wearing bright red dress, so I went for a simple classy black suede heels. They are gorgeous! They make my foot look very pretty and they're very comfortable. I am excited to wear them with a jeans or leggings!

This weeks highlights are all about the ball. I've already said what I was wearing, my brother looked gorgeous, the dancing number was gorgeous, girls were beautiful in those white dresses. I've had so much fun with my friends, I've met my old friends and classmates there and I really enjoyed to see them again. I will be doing a post about this ball tomorrow so you can looking forward to many photos from that night.

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