Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Monthly Wishlist: February 2015

My February wishlist is quite expensive and I think this wishlist will be my Wishlist for 2015.

Daniel Wellington Watches
I've got eye on it for a longer time and I will buy them oneday...but actually, I'm not sure when that day will come, haha.

Tiffany & Co Bag
O dear...when I saw this bag for the first time I knew this will be mine!

Apple iMac
I have money for the watches
, but I am saving them all for this beauty! I need iMac in my life, because I will be working on it, so I am saving every pound for this. It is really hard to stay strong and not spend the money on beauty products or the watches or the bag, but I'm calming myself with words that I'll save money for the iMac, buy it and then make money from the works I'll do with it. Then I can buy all these lovely things I like!

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