Sunday, 4 January 2015

Weekly Highlights #2

/ Beauty /
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette appear in my post box this week and I am in love with this palette. It's a perfect dupe for Naked 3 and you have more eyeshadow in there. I was wearing these eyeshadows only once this week, because I still have a holiday so most of my time I have no makeup days when I'm at home. But I was very excited to try them, so I did my makeup and used this palette.
I am impressed! The colours are pigmented very well and like I've said they're exactly the same as the Naked 3. So if you want to try the colours and you don't want to purchase the Naked 3, give a try to this one.

/ Fashion /
Even if Christmas is over I still loove to wear christmas themed jumpers. I wear them all the time, at home or even if I go to feed my quineapigs, haha. I just love them, they're cute and festive and I love Christmas. Looking forward to wear one of them to school tomorrow (but not looking forward to go to school again, bleh...)

/ Life /
I wanted to pick some interesting story from this week, but then I've realised I've been at home all week, watching TV, surfing on the internet or reading (oh God, my life is so sad...). So there is no interesting story from this week. BUT! This week I found this incredibly talented guy. He's a street musician and plays the sax like a God! His name is Justin Ward and he does covers of the most famous hits and he's just awesome! I was listening to him all week. I wish I know how to play the sax. Maybe I'll try to learn how to play in a future. You can subscribe to him on youtube and listen to his music. Personaly, my favourite cover from him is I'm not the only one by Sam Smith. I love this song so much and with the sound of sax the song sounds even better!

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