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ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow Flawless palette by Makeup Revolution

First of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! How did you spend last night? I was covered with blankets in my bed watching my favourite halloween themed films and my favourite shows haha. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Czech. It's a pity because I love Halloween so my Halloween night looks the same every year haha!

Are you ready for the review? Let's goooo!
I need to say I enjoyed testing this one because...aah just look at the shades! I don't know why but in a last couple of months my eyes are very attracted to shimmery eyeshadows and it is weird because I was the one who was really into a matte eyes. Don't know what happened but now I just have a pretty much shimmer eyeshadows in my collection and I love it!

The packaging
What can I say about packaging. I think the most important thing you need to know is the huge mirror in it and that is probably it. Like for me is a huge mirror in an eyeshadow palette big plus because sometimes my mirror is too dirty and I'm in a rush so there is no time for cleaning it. So I use the mirror in the eyeshadow palette and it's alright.

Alright, my favourite part! When I looked at the shade for the first time it literally screamd AUTUMN to me! I looks like you have a colorful leaves fallen down from a trees in front of you in this palette! 

I found 6 or 7 matte shadow in this palette. And I am saying 6 or 7 because I'm quite not sure where that one fits. It is the very last one which is called Night and it is like a matte black but I can see a tiny little hint of silver shimmer in it. So I'm not sure in which category this one belongs but I like this shade. I really like those tiny little glitters in it. So from these matte shades we've got here one vanila like shade named Paper, I use this one under my brows. Then one pinky toned named Uncover which looks like a matte one but actually it isn't. It's like a pinky tone that looks like a matte shade but when you apply it on the lid it has like a soft shimmer but you can't see any tiny glitters in it. So this one falls within the shimmer category. The other four are all shades of brown. I like to put the second darkest brown into my crease and its name is Raw and the darkest one named Pure chocolate is perfect shade for my eyebrows. Really lovely natural shades.

 Moving onto the shimmer ones! I'll start with the light ones. So we have here a really nice higlight shade called Soft Glow. I love this one! I am using it into my inner corner and sometimes as a highlighter. It's like a yellow toned highlighter with a pink undertone. Very nice! From the pink ones we've got here a Shimmer heart, Barely Pink, Buff (grey under tone) and Universal but this one is more lilac or violet than pink. I named the next category SO FREAKING PIGMENTED because I can't help myself they are just freaking pigmented! I found these a bit different in a texture than the others. The are like a gel infused or something. The texture is very similiar to Color Richie L'ombre Pure gel-infused eyeshadow by  L'oréal. I've got this eyeshadow a few days ago and I can say the texture of it is quite the same as some of these shadow in this palette. Let's move onto the colors! Okay so these ''gel-infused'' shadows make almost a half of the palette. 17 shades totally for me. So that is pretty half of the palette haha. We've got here some light shades (Highlite, Angel) very pigmented highlight shades, then Unlimited is like a taupe color, bit darker than Unlimited is Lowlite. Then we've got here bronze and golden shades including Golden Night, Gold Digger, Copper shimmer, Medal and Darkest shimmer. Gorgeous shades I absolutely love them! The we've got here the shimmery browns (Brew, Cheerless, Tarnish, Café noir and Molton Chocolate). Also some silvery (grey) and darker colors. Silver smoke, Blue stars ( really deep blue with a silver shimmer in it), Black Tie (very nice shimmery black) and the shade Night which I mentioned above. These last four colors I metioned have the same texture as the matte shades. And last but not least my three favourite shades of this palette right now. I think these three are the ones I use the most right now and they are Red Night, Burgundy Nights and GreenStars. Guys...I am blown away by these three! They are such a gorgeous colors! I am into burgundy and kind of red colors this autumn and I also wear a lot of olive shades. Like...I can't help it! I worn the Red Night shade the whole week everyday! It's insane but I absolutely adore it on me! I think it goes perfectly with brown eyes but I saw pictures of Anna ( on Instagram and she looks flawless with burgundy eyes! So I think it goes perfectly with brown and green eyes, the only thing you need to think about is how to wear it. I mean when I first applied red toned eyeshadow all over my lid and on my lower lashline I looked like I was on drugs haha. So if you're new in this whole red eyeshadow situation check som tutorials but mostly...experiment and have fun!

(on my fingers: Red Night, Copper shimmer, Golden Night and GreenStars)

As I said...The very pigmented eyeshadows are like a gel-infused shadows so it makes them ver easy to apply, I also tried apply them with wet brush. It worked but they were not as much blendable as with the help of dry brush and the final result seemed like the same. Maybe they lasted a bit longer. But if you want to apply them with wet brush, go for it you can do the blending part with a new layer and dry brush. Same with the other shades. Very blendable, great pigmentation. The lasting finish...In this step I need to retest it because when I worn it for longer than six or seven hours it melted into my crease even when I was wearing an eyeshadow primer. I always wear an eyeshadow primer because my lids are very oily so I want to be prepared. And my absolutely best eyeshadow primer is by Avon. And I love this one because it really does the job. I've never had a problem with it until now. So I tried to apply another primer (my old one by Elf) and it was a bit better but not very much. So I'm not sure if it is because of the shadows or the primer. So I'll test it with another primer and I will see.

If you're makeup addcit like me and you walk to the store, something very nice catches your eyes and you just need to have it this palette is very affordable for you. I bought this one for £ 10.5 which is in my opinion very good price because these shadows are really good quality and you have like a palette of 32 of them so...that is amazing price!

Final thoughts
For me this one is the best palette I own in this moment. I don't have any of high end makeup cause I'm still a poor student haha. I like the shades, I like the packaging, I love that every shadow has its own name I just ove everything about it! Good price, easy storage, one minus for the lasting finish but as I said I am not sure if it is because of the shadows or my primer. 
If you decided to buy this one or you already have it in your colletion let me know in the comments below what you think about it! :)

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