Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Snapshots #1

I have a feeling that since I started my senior year at school I have absolutely no free time. It's freaking killing me! There is so much preasure in my school I have tons of work to be done, tons of papers to learn, doing my schoolwork is the only thing I am working on those last few weeks and yet still I feel like I haven't done anything. It's so annoying! I need to say that I tried to get into it the last three years because I thought that it is what I'll be doing as my job. But since I realised I am pushing myslef into something I don't like to do, something I can't imagine to do everyday as my job I hate my school. I freaking HATE it!
But it is my last year there so I need to push myself and survive it.
This week was even harder because we went to fair of colleges to see what is on offer. I was so confused, I didn't know what kind of college I want to go to or even if I want to go to college. I did a list of what I like to do and what I don't to kind of find out the perfect profession for me. I think I would like to be an editor in a lifestyle or beauty magazine or photographer, video editor or journalist. I mean...can I do all these profession together? I love doing these..I love taking photos, I like to write an articles, I like talking about beauty and lifestyle and I love editing videos! And right now I'm not quite sure if I need to go to the college if I am interested in these professions. I mean I studied graphic design for almost four years. I know how to edit text, photos, videos and I write in my free time. I I really need to go to the college? I don't know....My feeling about this whole situation are confused.
Anyway...this week I visited poster Triennial in Trnava, Slovakia with my school. Also the fair of colleges, we went shopping together with my friends and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed wearing bright orange lipstick this week matched with my orange nails. I'm currently reading new ELLE magazine which I love, I am addicted to three songs this week: Adele - Hello, Sia - Bird Set Free and Disclosure feat. Lorde - Magnets. Can't get enough of these and I also really love listening to The Lively Show. I love it! I downloaded a few episodes into my iPod and I am listening to it when I'm on my way to school or when I'm driving my car. It is really inspirational and uplifting. I just love it.

Mr. Sagmeister *clapping my hands*

Isn't she beautiful? ♥

Everyday essential!

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