Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Winter Edit

Winter is coming and so is the Christmas time. Yaaaaaay!!!! I am soo excited!!!! When I hear winter or Christmas, there are few things that come on my mind very quickly. Decorations, hot chocolate, golden eyeshadow, red lips, glitters, Rudolf the reindeer or Love actually!! It is really my favourite film ever! I love it! So I prepared a list of things I couldn't have imagined without during the winter and Christmas time! Let's goooo!

Okay first thing is makeup. Of course. For me, winter and Christmas is all about the red lip and golden eyes. My top two red lipsticks right now are Kate Moss 01 by Rimmel London and Long-lasting lip colour by Dermacol. I highly recommend the Dermacol one because I can tell you, once you apply it, it will stay there forever! And when I say forever I mean FOREVER! Trust me guys, I can't wipe it off! It is impossible! Sometimes it is pain in the ass when I am rubbing my lips so hard but it just doesn't want to come off! But it is worth it!

I want to point out a two nude lip products, because I don't wear red lips everyday you know haha. So my nude lipstick pick is by Kiko and my nude gloss is by Maybelline and I really adore these two.

 My golden eyeshadow is the same as last year and it is the one and only Colour tattoo. If you're not into all golden lid thing, I would recommend a golden pencil so you can do just a simple lines. Mine is Scandal eyes by Rimmel in a shade 002 Bulletproof beige. It says beige but it seems kinda golden to me. And if you're not into golden eyeliner either you can add some golden shimmer to aour lashes with a golden mascara! Lots of brands do them, I've got the one from Avon.

I like to wear a cream blusher in the winter because it is not hot outside so there is no chance to melt it off from my face haha! I've got mine from Oriflame, but I think Max Factor do a good ones (recommended by Viviannadoesmakeup).

Moving onto my hands. I love glittery nail polish in this time of the year! I have quite a lot glittery nail polishes and my favourite one is by brand called She. I don't know this brand much, but it is very cheap and the nail polish is quite a good quality I think. I haven't tried anything else from them so I can't recommend this brand. And in this time of the year I just can't live without a good hand cream! I've got the hand cream in every room in my house so I can hydrate my hands everytime I need to. Quite silly but...I like it haha. And my one and only is again by Oriflame. It is their almond hand cream and I absolutely love it! I keep repurchasing this product everytime I run out of it.

 Another thing I can't live without is watching my favourite youtubers, tv shows and films!

Reading magazines or books...

Aaand cudling with my rabbit friend!!! I love her so much! Isn't she cute? <3

And that was my list of things I love to do in this time of the year! There is a lot more on it but that'll be a really long post haha! I hope you enjoyed it guys, and I will talk to you on Friday! Byyee!!

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