Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekly Snapshots #2

It's Sunday and that means only two things to me. Sunday snapshots and hot bath for me. Every Sunday I have something like a relaxing evening when I put my face mask on, relax a bit in hot bath full of bath foam, read a book or magazine and just preparing myself for a new week. I've been off this week from my blog because of my school again. I visited a university to find out if I want to go to that one but I need to say I don't feel like to go to university. So I decided to not go to any. 

This week was a bit rainy week so we stayed at home with a cup of tea and played with our animal friends. I also did my notice-board in my room and put my fujifilm photos on it. We also expect everyday that our little budgies will fly out from their birdhouse which is exciting! They are very loud already and we don't know how many of them is in the birdhouse.

We laso have a holidays this Tuesday so I don't have to go to school. I was wondering about doing another video. Something like my winter edit or my top five autumn/winter lipsticks or something like that. I need to prepare it. So I hope I'll do that. Okay, I hope you guys enjoy this week's snaps. Have a lovely Sunday and I will talk to you on Wednesday. Bye! 

A little everyday makeup update here.

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