Sunday, 22 November 2015

A perfect nude lipsticks, awesome perfume by Cartier & Justin Bieber's new album

This week's snapshots will be all about beauty and music. I finally found perfect nudes lipsticks for me. They're by MAC and I adore them! I bought two of them, so now I have three MAC's in my collection! I am very happy about it because I just love MAC's lipsticks! So I bought two nude shades because my previous MAC lipstick is in a shade Show Orchid wich is lovely bright pink but I don't wear it that often. I bought two nudes so I can wear them everyday. I bought the shade
Patisserie because of the Anna's (Viviannadoesmakeup) recommendation and it is just perfect! The other one is in th shade Hug Me and I need to say this one is my favourite nude ever! Anna sings odes to the Patisserie one so I thought it'll be my favourite nude ever because we have kinda same taste in lipsticks but actually, Hug Me is my No. 1! I love it! I choose this shade because it is one of many MAC's lipstick Kim Kardashian uses for her lips and her nude lips are always perfect! So I thought I'll try that and I'm very glad I did because now this one is my favourite ever!

I also bought a 9ml sample of a perfume by Cartier and guys...that one smells just like heaven!!! I confess I didn't expect that I will love it so much! It is Gold Must de Cartier and it is perfect perfume for winter time! It is very strong and spicy perfume. When I first sprayed it on my hand I was like ,,Oh God, this smells horrible. This is not good...'' But then it settled and it was the best smell I've ever smelled! Trust me guys, if you're into strong winter fragrancies, this one is the one!

I noticed that Justin Bieber has released a new album. I don't know the name of it now but  I listened to a few songs and I am very impressed! His new style is brilliant! I am addicted to his new songs! I've got three favourites right now I'll show you, Purpose and Sorry. I swear to God I am listening to these all the time. Actually, I am listening to these three right now when I'm typing this! Just love it!

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