Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I got a new tattoo!!!

I finally got my new tattoo!!! Yaaaay! I am sooo excited! I love it soo much! In today's post I wanna talk a bit about this new bae! What does it mean, why these objects, did it hurt, ...

So I decided for a beetle because to me it kind of seems like a symbol of motivation. I wanted to do it graphicaly, just a simple lines and dots, no shading, no color. Me and my tattoo artist decided to put an eye into it because we wanted to support the meaning of motivation by putting the eye in it. Because I think motivation is an vision so we put the eye as the vision. And we liked that idea that if we put the eye on the top of the beetle's head it looks like it's connected with the beetle. We also put a circle around him, so the triangle around the eye isn't the only geometrical thing in it. And to kind of break out the geometric concept we put there a few ''drops'' of ink.

Because I already have a tattoo on my back I knew what kind of pain it will be. But seriously was ten times worse that the owl on my back! God it hurt so much, haha! But since I got used to the pain, it wasn't that bad I think.

So yeah...I love it very much, my dog loves it, haha. I hope you guys like it too and I'll see you on Friday! 

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