Friday, 30 October 2015

CURVY Lookbook Autumn Edition 2015

Hellooo! So I did it! I did my first Lookbook video! As you may know I'm a bit curvy girl which is totaly okay because world would be sooo boring if we were all the same am I right? And I struggled with my weight for so long, I had no self confidence and right now I am just like ,,Screw it! I don't care what others say. I AM FUCKING BEAUTIFUL THE WAY I AM! Yes!'' And I want you all to know that YOU are beautiful too! We're all gorgeous human beings and if you feel bad about your body just watch this video. It's me shaking my huge ass all the time haha! And I freaking looove it! So shake your ass with me and have fun!

Also, I am not that type of person who is checking last trends in fashion industry so these outfits are just what I like to wear and what I feel good in. I like it simple and comfy, nothing crazy. I hope you'll like, give it a thumps up if you do, comment, subscribe, do whatever you want haha! Thanks :)

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