Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn Essentials

I love autumn! It is my favourite time of the year hand in hand with the winter. These two seasons are just magical and moody and I absolutely adore them! So no surprise I decided to do a post about my autumn essentials.
I'll start with boots. Ahh, I got new ones and I just....oh god I love them so much! They are perfect! I was looking for nice chunky black leather boots for a long time now and I finally found some! These are from a shop called CCC, I have no idea if this shop is somwhere else in the world, but we've got it here in the Czech republic. They have no zip, you just slip them on and you're ready to go! They are super comfy but I noticed that if I put on a thicker socks and I am wearing these boots for a longer time, my feet start to feel a bit uncomfortable. I love wearing these with a high waisted jeans (I am really into high waisted bottoms right now) and a black leather jacket with a huge cozy scarf on the top. Speaking about huge scarfs...oh man...I love giant and cozy scarfs! Autumn is really cold here this year and I am kinda upset because I had no oppoturnity to wear leather jacket a lot. But if I desperately want to rock my outfit and be that badass girl with leather jacket on, my whole body will shiver in the damn cold but I'll put on my big and cozy scarf to get me a bit warm! This one is from New Yorker I believe. 

As I said, this autumn is really cold this year here and my hands are very dry. Thanks to that I have hand creams everywhere. But the ultimate favourite one is my one and only Hand cream for dry hands by Oriflame. It smells like almods and I love that. It is not sticky which I don't like, it soaks up really quickly into the skin and it leaves them really smooth and soft. 
Let's move onto the makeup! So as you may know I'm a sucker for lipsticks. I am seriously addict. let's get started. I loooove plumy lips in the autumn but this autumn I am really into brown shades. I don't I just like how it looks on me and other people. I kinda feel like a part of Kardashian family when I'm wearing brown lips haha. Sooo for that reason I bought new babies to my lipstick family! The first one whic I love the most is by Sephora. I don't remember the name of it but the shade is 5051A. I freaking love this one! It is from the new Sephora colletion I think...(I'm not sure, I'll find out and let you know) and I love the texture of it, It stays forever, little minus for the fact that when I am wearing it for a longer than 8 hours it starts to make those little lumps on my lips and it falls down so that is the only think I don't like about it but this happens after 8 hours to me so...come on that is quite good. And the smell of this lipstick is like a candy heaven! Seriously if you're not excited enough to byu, just go to the shop and smell it. I'm pretty sure it'll change your mind haha! Oh god, this post is getting really long! I will go very quickly witht these three lipsticks because one of them is my old good friend and I can write a review on the two of them soon. So another one in a brown color is by Avon, it is in a shade Chocolate rose. For me it is a bit creamy texture but it is something different from what I wear normally and I kinda like it. This shade gives me a bit vampy look I can say. Another one is my old good friend by Rimmel. It is from a Kate Moss collection in a number 107. I freaking love this shade of red. It is like a red with a pink and plumy undertone. Just love it and I absolutely fell in love with a combinations of plum lip pencil and this lipstick, I saw Tanya Burr doing this in her new autumn makeup video and I fell i nlove with it. It looks really pretty, you can watch the Tanya's video here. And the last one is finally the plumy one which I am obssesed with and it is by Kiko. It is their Long-lasting lipstick: Unlimited Stylo in a number 12. Guys...this must buy one of these if you haven't already! IT is soo good I can't even describe how much I love it! Not just the shade but the texture of it! It stays on place forever, it doesn't come off while you're eating and it is just amazing! I will do a review on this soon so be prepared for this.
I will move quickly with tha eye shadows. Gold and dark brown, bronze, burgundy, olive and copper shadows just scream autumn to me. I really love the Maybelline Color tattoo 24 hours, I've got this in a shade Eternal Gold and the other is by Oriflame and it is from their collection Giordani Gold, cream eyeshadow in a shade Bronzed burgundy. Then I've got here a little Avon eyeshadow palette and the shade is Berry love. And the last but not least from makeup is nailpolish. I've got this one from Kiko when I was in Florence, Italy. It matches the Kiko lipstick and it is the shade number 495.

Next in my wardrobe are sweaters and jumpers of course. I've got so many of them I can't even store them. I think I have some that I don't wear anymore so I need to clean my wardrobe again and organize it a bit more.

From a home wear I would love to mention any autumn, Halloween or other autumny like decoration. I've got this tiny little pumpkin lamp, you just put a tea candle in it and it looks soo cute and then I got like a little beige lantern. Then candles of course. We've got this orange scent one from IKEA. Another thing is a book. I tend to read more in autumn and winter. I don't know why. Maybe it's because it is getting darker earlier so I can't be out very long. I just like to wrap myself into a nice warm cozy blanket with a cup of tea and a good book, film or a series. Speaking about tea and cuddling I also tend to be more tea than coffee person in these two seasons and I love to cuddle with my dog. Cuddling also involves a lot of cushions and my mocm recently bought these three with a photoprint on them. The one with rabbits on it it's mine, cause I love rabbits and I've got one, you might remember Mia, the one with horses on it it's brother's, cause he loves horses and the one with a dog on it it's my parent's. The last but not least thing that really screams autumnt and witer to me is the smell of oranges and clementines. Like everytime I bought clementine even if it is in the summer, I start peeling the skin of it and smell it I just think about Christmas. Love that. And that is it! I was thinking about doing a video instead of a post but I'm just too shy and I think I can't speak correctly in front of the camera so...that's why haha. Maybe in the future I'll courage myself and do it!
Do you have any film or book recommendations for all the cozy evenings ahead of me? Let me know in the comments and also I would love to know your autumn essentials as well!

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