Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Oriflame's ColourDROP Lipstick Review

As I promised here is the review of my new Oriflame lipstick!
You may know that I am in love with this product by Oriflame. I was very impressed. In a nice way. I have about 7 or 8 Oriflame lipsticks and I am satisfied with them because of the price. But I have a lot other lipsticks which are better than the Oriflame ones. So when I tried this new one I was amazed! First, the colour. I bought Melting Pink and it is a gorgeous berry pink. I absolutely love this colour! The lasting is terrible, but you can't expect perfection for that low price. It was about đ4. Second, the smell. Ahh gawd! The smell is unbelievable! I love a good smelling lipstick and this is just gorgeous! It smells like a forest fruit! Other tweaks are that the lipstick is shaped to shape of lips which is very handy, you can apply this easily without a pencil, small packaging fits everywhere and it holds the lipstick really firmly. So you don't have to be worried about breaking the lipstick in half if you push a bit more. In my opinion this is the best lipstick collection Oriflame has ever made! I've tried their Giordani Gold lipstick which should be kind of high end of the Oriflame and it was just a disappointment for me, cause it was a way too glossy and the pigmentation was horrible as hell. So I highly recommend this lipstick, because I love it!

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