Friday, 13 February 2015

I am leaving tomorrow!

Heelooooo! I am sooo sorry I haven't posted anything whole week. I haven't much time, because as you know I am going to Italy tomorrow night. So I was packing my sketching diaries, camera stuff and other things I will need for the next month. It was really hard to pack a suitcase for the whole month. I didn't know what to pack, what I will need you know...I'm starting to be nervous and have bad thoughts that I will be shitty at the work or I won't understand and do something wrong...I HATE those stupid thoughts! And the worse thing about them is that I don't know how to stop them. Stupid brain! But I hope everything will be alright, I'll be posting photos, sketches and stories from Florence. I will try to do everyday posts, something like vlogging maybe, but I really don't know how much free time I will have there. So I'll let you know about that. I am going to have a hot bath to calm myself a bit and I'll see you on Sunday with first post from Florence! See you on Sunday!

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