Friday, 18 April 2014

Photo session #1

Hello everyone!

My nana will be celebrating her 66th birthday soon and me, my brother and cousins were thinking about some great present for her. We've had no idea what to do for her until my friend started talking about photos. Bára is one of my best friends and her photos are amazing! I like the way she edits her photos and then came the big idea!
I asked Bára if she's able to do some photos with me, my brother and cousins. She agreed and was very exciting about this project. This secret project had a perfect plan. We've told our nana that we're going to a cinema for a new movie and then for a little walk and ice cream. Just a little family trip. 
Our moms were also implicated to this plan. My mom gave us a lift to Bára's place and aunt was just curious, so we've told her about the project which was stupid idea as we later discovered. Aunt isn't a good liar. She was winking at us all the time! She was like: ,,Um yeah, so eynjoy the movie babies*wink wink*". And we was like Jesus, what the hell is she doing?! 
But don't worry, nana didn't find out anything.
So when we arrived to Bára's place she introduced us to a nice park where we were shooting. It was really nice and I think we all enjoyed it. We took about 600 photos and selected the 200 best. When I saw the pictures for the first time I was impressed! It looks marvellous, don't you think? :)

 This one i s great!

I love this picture so so much!

Okay, so these masterpieces are our present for nana. We hope she will likes it. If you want to know what was her reaction on this gift, keep in touch I'll let you know. We all want to say thank you to Bára for photo shooting with us. :)
And if you want to check more pictures from Bára, her FB page is HERE

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