Friday, 11 April 2014

CROSS ROADS Book Review #1

Wm. Paul Young

Canadian author, best known for the novel The Shack.
Young had written primarily as a way to create unique gifts for his friends, until his wife repeatedly urged him to write something for their six children in order to put down in one place his perspectives on God and on the inner healing Young had experienced as an adult
The Shack was the top-selling fiction and audio book of 2008 in US through November 30.
His newest book is called Cross roads.

Cross roads

,,You are a beautiful mess,
you are the melody..."
- Wm. Paul Young, Cross roads

Anthony Spencer - from a child from a poor foster family became successful, egotistical and selfish businessman who has to win at any cost. This view on world influenced his personal life and prompted him to re-marry his ex-wife just because of leaving her for the second time. Down to sadness for his son, who died when he was five years old ignores his daughter Angela. This hollow existence is forever changed when Tony falls into a coma due to head injury and the finding of a brain tumor. He awakens to rediscover himself in a state where he encounters face-to-face with God, which Tony sees as a little black-haired girl with olive skin, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which looks like a Lakota Indian. God sends him back to earth to go through all the events that he did before he fell into a coma. He also gets a chance to heal one person, but only one. He can heal himself, a woman with Alzheimer or a young girl suffering from leukemia. Tony thinks it's a joke at first, but when he's back on the earth, he finds that he can see through the eyes of several different people, especially of a nurse named Maggie Sanders. As he is moving from one person to another, scenes which is Tony witness are beautiful and cruel at the same time, which make Tony ask questions about his decisions in the past.

I've got this book as a gift for Christmas from my grandmom who is faith-based. I think a wouldn't choose this book by myself but I'm very glad my granny gave it to me because it was such a great book! 
This book was very interesting and emotional at the end. This book doesn't show us just a Tony's story which is fictional. It shows us a different people's stories which are actually happening. It was very hard for me to read about a single mother with a sixteen years old son with Down syndrome and fourteen years old daughter with leukemia. Just tell me what kind of a father it is who leaves his partner and their child just because the child has a disability? What is wrong with this guy? This is so bad and the worst part of this is that it's really happening. 
So this book brought me into a kind of awareness and made me be more thankful. Just for a little things like a smile or a hug or a health. So thank you granny for giving me this book I recommend it!

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