Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter eggs & lamb

Happy Easter to all of you!

To be honest I really don't like this public holiday because of our customs. In the Czech Republic is customary when boys come to whip girls and women with Easter Caroling. We're doing it because it supposedly makes stay girls and women beautiful. But I think this whipping is still better than customs in Slovakia. Slovak boys don't whip their girls. They are sprinkling water on them and spraying different perfumes on them so the girls have to change their clothes very often. But what I like about Eatser is painting eggs and baking lamb. Last year I've paint my eggs the way that they looked like pokemons! This year I've decided to make them more abstract. So I've bought some special colours and just stippled on the eggs. And in my opinion they look good. 

Look at these cute kittens! I love this egg. I can't remember where I bought it or if it was a gift, but this is my favourite easter egg. The heads and bodies are just lentils dyed black and the rest of the kittens is paint on the egg. Is simple as that and it looks beautiful, doesn't it? :)

And what about your easter eggs and customs? Do you like Easter?

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