Wednesday, 25 June 2014

School trip with awesome people!

Heeloooo everyone!

   Me and some of my friends and classmates went on a trip yesterday with our teachers. We went to Mikulov which is a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. The town has a many historical monumets including the Mikulov Castle, Holy Hill (Svatý Kopeček), St. Sebastian Chapel on Holy Hill or Kozí Hrádek Castle. We visited all these places and we also went to the cave on Turold. 
   Our first stop was Kozí Hrádek. The way on the top was a bit difficult than we expected but we made it. But when we made it on the top some of us wanted to go up and some of us not. So we divided to 2 groups. The first group was me, our teacher and a few friends. We were the group who went up. The second group waited for us under the Kozí Hrádek with the second teacher. When we got on the top and saw the view, it was amazing feeling. We were enjoying the view and taking photos. Then we heard Mrs. teacher shouting on us. She said they're going ahead so we have to catch up them. We agreed and enjoyed the view again. We went down from the castle and were ready to catch them up but then the little problem started. Our teacher was a bit confused and we didn't know the right way. If you think we were desperate or something you're absolutely wrong. It was really fun to watch our teacher trying to find the right way while he was laughing at this whole situation. Luckily, we found the other group and went to the next stop.

Kozí Hrádek Castle

   The next stop was the cave on Turold. It was so cold there! But the tour was interesting. The guide was funny which made ours tour better. Our teacher was very curious about the cave and he had to explore every inch of it. It was funny. We always waited for him.

Our teacher exploring the cave.

Look, how tiny Petra is!

   The next stop was square. We stoped here for a little break. This town is just lovely. I think I fell in love with this town. Kind of reminds me of Venice. I think it's those small streets and colorful houses. 

Sgraffito house on the square.

I just love this teacher! He's always happy and full of energy :D

   The last stop was Holy Hill! From the square it looked soo horrible but at the end it wasn't so bad. We got on the top and saw the view! It was amazing! I was speechless! The view was so powerful and awesome! On the top we've had a little snack which I liked so much!

Holy Hill

Way to the top

Mikulov castle

St. Sebastian chapel

   And that's the end of our trip. I enjoyed it soo much! I really like those kind of trips where you recognize new places and nature. I hope I make more trips like this one on holiday. 

I hope you like this post and photos and if you ever visit Czech Republic, go to Holy Hill because the view is awesome! :)

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