Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Like Knows Like

Helooo everyone!

     It has been a long looong time when I wrote last post! I'm sorry, it's the end of the school year and I was really busy. But don't worry I'm back and I have such an amazing people which I want to introduce you!

    ,,We make short documentary films about we admire on internet. We're meeting photographers, illustrators, designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and storytellers all over the globe.'' Says their vimeo account. I watched all their films and these are my favourites.

Brandon Doman 
This guy founded a a very special storytelling initiative called ''The Strangers Project''. Living in New York City he has collected over 7000 stories from strangers who have passed his sign saying: ,,Hi there! I'm collecting your stories. Share them anonymously or just ask ''what for?''
You can check The Strangers Project here.

James Victory
An amazing artist and posters designer. His work was exhibited at the MoMA, and belongs to permanent collections of museums in Paris, Washington, Zurich and Amsterdam. His clients includes New York Times, TIME Magazine, Moet & Chandon, the City of New York and Esquire.
You can check more of his work here.

Jessica Walsh
Designer, illustrator and art director working in New York City. She is a partner at design studio Sagmeister & Walsh and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her work won numerous design awards. Recently, Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights of her viral side-project called ''40 Days Of Dating''
Check more of her work here.

What do you think about these amazing people? :)

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