Monday, 2 March 2015

Snapshots from Lucca and Pisa & Maxi Grande Panini

Heellooooo! :)
I promised you another photo post and this one will be from Lucca and Pisa again. We went to Lucca and Pisa again, because Hanka had some stuff to do there, so we were going around the town, looking for places we haven't discovered yet and it was such a great time! The weather was amazing, Leo was joking and trying to speak Czech again...I just enjoyed it. We went to a beautiful shop with food where we had lunch. We all had panini which is something like a sandwich. Mine was with lettuce, tomatoes and mozzarella. The most amazing thing about this lunch was that you told the guy that you want the panini, you want it with this and that and he just passed around you, grabbed fresh tomatoes from a shop window, mozzarella and a leaf of lettuce and started to make the panini right before you. It was amazing! It was something I've never seen before.
After this lunch we had some coffee and ice cream with chocolate and then we headed to Pisa. It was really lovely trip. I will miss all these people and trips...hope I'll come back soon.

Rounded square in Lucca.

This is the panini. Look at that! It was absolutely delicious! (Photo credit: Mária Burianová)

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