Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Parade & Market

Hellooo everyone!

I finally edited photos from our traditional event! We call it Horňácké slavnosti and it takes place every year since 1957. It's all about singing, dancing, drinking, folk art etc. Something like a folk festival.  I have a lot of photos and I hope you will like it, because see it live was amazing!

First I have these from the market. At this market, every product is homemade or handmade. It's amazing what beautiful stuff people can produce.

I'm in love with these wood jewelry.

These ceramic flower pots are wonderful!

All of these are seriously handmade.

This grandma was so lovely.

Homemade cheese...even these small hatchets are from cheese.

I love this photo. This one is one of my favourites. Musicians took a little break to catch a breath and let their violins relax in the sun.

This violin case was for visitors. They could give some money to musicians voluntarily.

They played pretty good.

And the boys had beautifully decorated vests.

And here comes the Parade. First, mayors of all participation villages launched the Parade. The others followed them. Theme of the Parade was wedding.

All horses were so beautiful.

The little children were very cute.

One of my favourites photos...

And here goes my brother. He's taking care of the foal on the right.

There he is. (leftmost)

This little cutie was amazing!

And that's it. If you want to check a video of the whole Parade click here. I hope you like this post and if you ever be in our country, come to visit this event, because it's amazingly beautiful! Also, I'm going on a little adventure this Saturday with my cousins, uncle and aunt. I'm taking my camera and my sketchbook so I hope a will take some good shots, videos and sketches. 
Speak to you soon!

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