Sunday, 23 March 2014

About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Michaela and I'm 18 years old. I've created this blog because I like telling stories, writing about things I like and making new friends who have same interests as me.

I am very happy person who is always smiling and laughing. Me and my younger brother love animals and we have lots of them at home. Our house is something like a little farm haha. I love reading and all books are sacred to me. I love photography as well. Whenever I go I have my camera with me. I also like beauty and makeup, travelling, art, music and last but not least english. I've mentioned english because it's not my maternal language. I'm from The Czech Republic and to live in the UK is my biggest dream so The Angle of the View is a kind of exercising for me. So if I'll make a mistake somewhere don't be shy and let me know in comments and next time I'll be better.

I really hope that you will like my posts and enjoy it with me.

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